We run our CAPTIVATING training programs from our training facility in Woodland Hills. For directions CLICK HERE   We can also bring our training to you. Training by our professional trainers and coaches can be delivered on-site wherever you are. Email us at info@gocaptivating.com for more information.

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In today's fast-paced world, we understand the need to deliver effective content into custom time slots, all the content listed below can be delivered at our site (Captivating Academy) or at yours, as follows:


10-minute or 20-minute talk (overview) - FREE (Promotional)

1-hour or 2-hour Presentation, or KEYNOTE (Rate on request. Rates vary per speaker)

4-5-hour workshop - $399 per person (12 person limit)

1-day seminar - $895 per person (12 person limit)

3-day Bootcamp - $2,499 per person  (8 person limit)





The longer the time allocation, the meatier the content and the more interactive the training. For example, in the 20-minute talk, we focus more on audience engagement, with 2 or 3 nuggets of valuable information. In the 3-day Bootcamp, participants are given ample opportunity to learn and practice the skills they’re taught. Since people learn best by doing, the Bootcamp generally yields the greatest results. This should not negate the value of a shorter talk. We will achieve great results by delivering shorter training sessions regularly. Our value lies in being able to tailor our training to your specific needs, with your outcomes foremost in mind.

After all, you care about results and so do we.





WHAT IT TAKES TO CAPTIVATE (20 minutes) This is our introductory (in-brand) talk that broadly covers what it takes to be a captivating speaker and why it’s important to become one.

RAPID RESULTS PROGRAM (2 days)  RRP, our signature program provides proven results for ALL participants. You will learn how to be a captivating speaker in just 2 days of training. We cover how to conquer fear and anxiety, develop confidence and poise, body language training, vocal training, and speech-writing, including the 5-minute Motivational Speech Template. Training provided at our Captivating Academy in Woodland Hills or can be provided at your own venue.







PERSONAL BRAND (minimum 2 hours): What do you know that others wish to know? What do you have that others want? What makes you unique? Learn how to uncover your Captivating CORE™  message and find, develop, and market your speaking brand. Along with “Get Paid to Speak,” this is a talk for those who aspire to become professional speakers or those who wish to speak at a professional level.


BE THE BRAND Personal Brand”, is focused on individuals and particularly on those who wish to enter the professional speaking arena. “Be the Brand” is a training provided to corporates to help employees understand and align with the company brand.  We focus on the power of storytelling to promote the company's brand. All employees are encouraged to collect valuable content that can be used to advance the brand’s exposure.


STORYTELLING MASTERY Stories provide meaning, create context, and instill a sense of purpose in all that we do. It is one of the earliest forms of human communication and is one of the most powerful marketing tools we can use. In this training, we focus on how to develop stories that will stick, stories that will be passed from one person to another. Using vivid examples, such as the Impulse story, a story about how Revlon made a lasting impact on an old lady and achieved massive exposure. How collecting and crafting stories can further your, or your company’s brand.


GET PAID TO SPEAK (min 2 hours): After learning about your brand and what makes you uniquely you,  you can learn how to set yourself up as a professional ‘paid’ speaker. This training covers how to set your rates, how to use social media to leverage your brand, speaker’s associations and bureaus, developing Back-of-the-room products, and, most important, where and how to find speaking gigs.



STICKY SECRETS Get ready for some Captivating SOX Education! How three letters can change the way you relate to others forever. Learn the secrets of captivating speakers and you will never bore your audience. Using the latest findings in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, we will help you understand the way the mind filters information. When you understand what gets filtered out and what sticks, you will be able to craft sticky content and become more memorable.


CONQUER THE FEAR FACTOR Learn to overcome your fear of public speaking, clear mental blocks, and get rid of any “emo-tissues” - our in-house term for limiting emotional issues. Learn to get over you to get into others and speak with confidence and authority.

CAPTIVATING CREATIVE CONCEPTS Develop your “Divergent Thinking Skills” to create and innovate. We have extracted the best from the masters of creativity, Edward de Bono, and Bob Eberle, combining aspects of their popular systems with our own Captivating Creative Concepts™ system, to help you stretch your mind and radically increase your creativity. (This is a hands-on/interactive workshop and must run for a minimum length of two hours.)


CREATE A SPEECH IN 5 MINUTES How would you like to be able to create a speech in just 5 minutes? Impossible you say? Well, let us prove you wrong. You can and will create a speech in 5 minutes after this two-hour training program. Even more important, how can you memorize the speech and deliver it without an issue? Not only will you learn how to put a captivating speech together in short shrift, but you'll also learn how to commit it to memory and deliver it on the same day. 

SPEECHWRITING IN THE DIGITAL AGE  Old concepts no longer seem to have the power to captivate and modern audiences quickly lose concentration and don’t have the ability to recall speaker’s content. Learn contemporary speechwriting and write speeches that will grab and hold your audience’s attention and, more importantly, leave a lasting impression. During this class, you will also learn the “How to Write a Motivational Speech” using your own life’s experience and applying the "moral of the story"

VOICE TRAINING WORKSHOP How to use your voice to captivate your audience. Learn to build or lower energy to either energize or relax your audience, giving you the ability to take your audience on an exciting adventure.

BODY LANGUAGE  Non-verbal communication skills are key. Learn to effectively read others and use your own body, facial expressions, and gestures to influence, persuade, and captivate an audience. In this talk, we provide powerful tools that will change the way you interact with others.

SERVE, DON’T SELL Learn how to be persuasive and serve others, rather than resorting to marketing gimmicks and stale, canned sales pitches. We reveal the truth about how marketers lie to us. Once you understand the manipulative nature of the marketing mechanism, you automatically become more aware. This knowledge can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary purchases and will serve as a warning and you won’t want to use these same unscrupulous sales tactics. By focusing on serving humanity instead, you will still be successful, but with much greater peace of mind.


PITCH PERFECT How to pitch yourself, your product, or your service, and really stand out by learning how to hone your message, keeping it short and sweet. You will learn that fewer words = more impact. Learn the magic of power words and phrases that are audience* centric.


INTERVIEW SKILLS  Stand out in an interview and increase your chances of landing your dream job or finding a career that you love.


MAGNETIC PEOPLE SKILLS How to draw people to you and develop lasting relationships.


HOW TO BOUNCE BACK Learn how to become more resilient and survive and thrive. Chanti shares her fascinating experiences in Africa, along with lessons that will help you bounce back in an increasingly stressful world. What will the story of a giraffe giving birth or the vibrating zebra at the waterhole teach you?


COMEDY IMPROV  We deliver Comedy Improv training designed to improve your communication skills and sharpen your sense of humor. “Improvisation is probably one of the two or three cardinal skills for businesses to learn in the future…” - John Kao, Harvard Business School


* Audience can be read as singular or as multiple. If you’re talking to one or many, the listener IS your audience.

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