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From the onset you had us all captivated with your eagle’s nest analogy…you managed to equip the group with insights, stories, and practice so that everyone felt more confident to leave their ‘nest’.   With these newly-honed personal insights and the meaningful ways in which you provided upgrades, each member of our C-Suite Transition Forum is sure to stand out from the pack in their next interview!  When I was chatting with two of the execs at the conclusion of our meeting, they both offered that this was the best presentation they have heard at our Forum…no surprise with that conclusion!

Lynne Krueger, Jo-Anne Smith & Associates, Inc. 



I went into this program thinking "I speak in front of people all of the time, so let's see if I can get a few new tips" Well, a few new tips only covered the first few minutes of the first night! The curriculum and approach far beat any expectation I could have ever had. EVERY second was valuable and more than worth the investment! I have been transformed into a Captivating Speaker and I thank you for your wonderful and obvious love for what you do every day. I look forward to attending more sessions and coaching.

Rick Mark, Famous Auto Sports



Captivating Speakers and Club Captivate doesn't just teach how you can speak better, express yourself more effectively, use your voice correctly, affect people with your words, read and understand body language (just to name a few), but they teach you how to find your unique and individual voice in this world. Yes, you will definitely become a better speaker and be more comfortable in your own skin, but you will also discover an immense pool of inner strength that you might've not thought existed before. They will show you the way to discover your heart's purpose, that which is the most important and most fulfilling message you - as a human - can share with the world. I have personally NEVER seen people grow so fast as they do in these classes. When in the first class, a shy teenager mumbled her name in front of the group and moved her body awkwardly, by the fourth class, that same teenager delivered a confident speech that not only inspired everyone in the room but held them completely captive. And that was not just a rare case. I have taken several classes already, and I always had the privilege to see this kind of growth in each and every one of the participants. Always! These classes are not just speaking classes, they are growth classes. Personally, I am still in awe of what I was able to accomplish in such a short time. I am indeed speaking and expressing myself on a much higher level, but I have also come to fall in love with public speaking and it is now an active part of my life. And that my career has taken off since I have been taking their classes, is a welcome side effect, as well. If I would continue to list more wonderful things, I would sit here all day, so, if you're still in doubt, I would like to tell you that if you have ever considered investing in yourself, these courses will bring you such a great return you can't even begin to imagine.

-Daniel Mentz, Actor & Writer, www.danielmentz.com


With her brilliant competency, Chanti subtly challenges you to become the most confident being you’ve ever been. Both my daughter and I came out empowered and self-confident. We learned how to deliver every word we speak with conviction and credibility, how to use the right voice and gestures, how to eliminate the handles, such as “like” and “you know, and much, much more. We acquired an immense amount of knowledge and practice in just a few weeks. 

 Julia Butler, Author, Producer and Director of award-winning film "Slipaway"


Where do I begin to express how much this program helped me improve in so many ways? The main change I saw was a big one, in my self-awareness and confidence. I thought people were just beings who roamed around the earth, but I learned that we are so much more than that. We are given the voice and the ability to communicate. But, most of the time, we don't know how to use it well. It's a skill that needs learning. A hand gesture, a body position, tone and pitch of our voice, all that and much more plays a big role in the way we express what we think or feel and interact with other people, in the way we deliver our thoughts and beliefs. Over this course, I feel like I truly accomplished something, the awareness most people love and seek. I could never imagine that after only four workshops I would gain so much knowledge and self-confidence, and some wonderful new friends who are seekers by nature and also always aim to improve themselves. 

Kayla K, Student, Oakwood School


The “Captivating Speakers” program is such a fun experience. Chanti takes the best out of comedy, acting, public speaking instruction, keen observation, and her decades of speaking experience with passion. The result is high entertainment value, and equally high learning value. What stands out in Chanti’s classes for me was that her instruction is specific and presented in a refreshing way, which provides  participants a  mode of “I can do this!” and prepares them to be ready for action. Chanti truly did what she teaches – she captivated her audience throughout the class.

B. Shickerling, Training Supervisor- Cheesecake Factory


The Captivating Speakers program was a godsend to the Sherut L'Olam Teen Leadership Program.  In a few short sessions, these teens learned vital skills in order to be effective communicators. Chanti and Desiree provided personal feedback to each participant so that they could work on individual areas for improvement.  With these skills, the teens were able to go on to lead, teach and inspire their peers to make the world a better place.  The teens will take the invaluable lessons learned from the Captivating Speakers program and apply them to all areas of their lives. 

Lori Brockman, Retreat Coordinator, Shalom Institute Camp and Conference Center


(The teens trained by Captivating Speakers went on to enlist more than 200 recruits using what they learned through our training)

I suffered from social anxiety and my fear of presenting in public was detrimental to my career. I progressed more in a few short months than I had through 15 years of psychotherapy. The first time I stood up to present a speech in public and earned a rousing applause I knew I'd really turned a corner.  I have not looked back. Whether you are still in school, beginning your career or you are an advanced professional, Chanti Niven and her team are your or your organization's perfect coaches for developing, nourishing or fine-tuning the skills and techniques for delivering engaging and dynamic talks, speeches or presentations. I can't recommend highly enough. 

M. Matejka, VP - Monster


Chanti is the best speaking coach I know. From the first time I met her, I  was immediately impressed by her speaking so I decided to have her help me with a speech. Oh boy, and help me she did. She covered all aspects of giving a presentation, everything from choosing a title, to structuring the speech, including an attention-grabbing opening, a clear and concise body, and a dramatic and memorable closing. I received more compliments and acknowledgments of my improvement than I have ever had in all my years at Toastmasters. I have also attended one of her 4-week workshops. They were certainly out of the box, with training, role-play and even dancing around in our sox, ( you really had to be there to understand) We were able to overcome our speaking inhibitions and develop the ability to present in our own unique individual styles. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking to improve your public speaking and presentation skills."

Stuart Juggler, Speaker, Author, Therapist

The tools and supportive environment which Chanti provides in her interactive workshops, really allows a person to step out of comfort zones, beyond fears and begin to carve out a path towards transformation not only outwardly as a more effective communicator, but inwardly, with a deeper knowledge of self and the confidence that comes with it.  

Tracey G., Legal Assistant

This was a fabulous experience for me. Chanti started right at the beginning and took us through all the steps and taught us amazing techniques that I will be able to use in my future speeches as well as communication in my everyday life. She helped me to develop confidence and pushed me to look at effective communication in a different way. I feel that I have now developed a solid base from which I can build upon. I am so motivated to take it to the next level. Thank you! 

Mary McCormack, Vice President, Healthcare Partners


I am so grateful. This was so much more than a 'speech' class - it was a growth class.

M.Taylor, Southern California

I trusted Chanti's viewpoints and expertise immensely. I've been in acting classes and numerous other types of courses and loved this the most! I would highly recommend this course to everyone, not just speakers. It is about communicating, fun and skill. This series of classes will blow your socks off!
Actor (Name withheld by request), Hollywood

A veritable treasure box of information when it comes to improving your communication skills and speaking out in public. 

R. Grace Rodriguez, Attorney

Great presentation. Perfect balance between entertaining and informative. Full of the unexpected and really a great eye-opener. Getting us to look at things from different perspectives. In addition to her insights making a positive difference in my life, they have made a positive difference to my clients' lives by osmosis.

Svetlana Ray, Hypnotherapist / Speaker 


Classes involve role-playing and practical application activities. I learned not to be afraid to try new things and to be out of myself. Chanti makes her classes interesting and fun! She is dynamic and full of great ideas that are very helpful in breaking out of your shell - especially in public speaking.

Teresa Kropp, Senior QA Engineer


Lots of Energy. Took me out of my comfort zone. Spoke freely for the first time. Very creative fun instruction. Made me feel comfortable in a group setting. Look forward to the next one!

Debby Holt, Regional Manager, Account Services 


I have attended Captivating workshops on several occasions. Each time, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill in enhancing my communication skills. Chanti not only has a gift of communication and but also in inspiring others to achieve things they never thought possible. She is an outstanding teacher because she truly cares about those she teaches. Chanti believes the key to life, to communication is passion. She has it. She showed me how to take my passion and use it to its fullest potential. As an added bonus, she makes learning fun because she is supportive and not judgmental.

John Murray, Broker Associate, Rodeo Realty 



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