If you wish to improve your presentation skills, join Captivating Speakers Gym, an advanced speaking club that provides an opportunity to practice, with live coaching and opportunities to participate in speaking events, and learn how to get paid to speak. Our clients are executives, entertainers, educators, and all those who understand the importance of developing their speaking skills to improve their quality of life.  The club is a great place to practice what you learn in Captivating training.

Captivating Speakers offers effective training options for speakers at every level, from newbies to professionals speakers and entertainers. Whether you are working on overcoming your fear of public speaking, or you wish to refine your speaking skills, Captivating has a solution for you. We offer in-house training at our Captivating Academy Training room in Woodland Hills and are also happy to deliver training at your own venue. Group discounts available. 

Chanti Niven, and her team of award-winning coaches provide in-person private or virtual coaching to help you develop confidence and become a truly captivating speaker, able to grab and hold an audience's attention. Check out our before/after videos for proof that our coaching transforms even the mediocre to masterful. Whether you wish to perfect a pitch or presentation or if you wish to hone your interview or conversational skills, coaching will produce quickest results

There is a real shortage of effective training solutions for kids and teens. Traditional public speaking programs are often boring and don't appeal to young minds. The Captivating Speakers Program provides proven training for our young members in enjoyable, innovative ways so that they learn and have fun at the same time. Our programs have been successfully run in hundreds of schools to thousands of students with amazing results. PD Training for teachers also available.


People often ask us what we recommend for our fastest track to eloquence.  The fact is that how fast you go will largely depend on you. How much work are you willing to do? We can't MAKE you a masterful speaker but we can HELP you become one. We provide the tools and it's up to you to apply what you learn and then practice.  In our experience, the fastest way to improve your skills is through private coaching, combined with membership of Captivating Speakers Gym which will allow you to practice. You should also join as many of our training programs as you possibly can to develop the skills you need. Once you've been assessed, we will recommend an ideal program for you. How hungry are you? How fast are you willing to go? How committed are you? Do you understand what it will take to achieve your goals? These are some of the questions we'll be asking you.


The most cost-effective way to improve your speaking is to join Speakers Gym. As part of your membership package, you will be able to practice speaking and receive valuable feedback/coaching. You will also have access to our CREATIVE MINDS writing circle, which will help you develop great content, and an opportunity to practice at our monthly Showcase event (Third Tuesday of each month). You also get to mix and mingle with captivating speakers, trainers, and coaches and will find mentors among them.  This is a slower grow option to, say, hiring a private coach, attending training programs and a combination of these, but it's also effective. We've seen members transform in a matter of months.  Whether you choose the slower-grow method or you decide to fast track and have the budget for private coaching and training, is up to you and will largely be based on what you hope to achieve.  Talk with us to get help making the right decision for you.

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