The greatest gift you could give your kids is the opportunity to learn how to express eloquently, persuasively and confidently. Their ability to communicate well will exponentially increase their odds of success. Captivating Speakers offers proprietary training by award-winning speakers that will help your kids develop in confidence and become poised and powerful presenters. Check out our website HERE for more information about our offerings. 


  1. Employers rank communication skills (including public speaking) at the top of the most desirable skills in employees. HR Directors state that the odds of employees being promoted to managerial and executive positions increase commensurately with their ability to communicate effectively. 

  2. Entrepreneurs and business owners achieve greater success if they have the ability to speak persuasively and with confidence.

  3. Public speaking improves research and organization abilities, which are crucial skills for high school and college success. 

  4. Speech and debate activities involve the active construction of knowledge. Students have the opportunity to synthesize, analyze, and utilize new information, rather than merely memorizing facts. According to Communication Education, debate increases critical thinking skills by up to 44% in a single year and high school reading skills by as much as 25% in one year.

  5. Speech helps develop social skills, increases confidence and develops leadership potential.


Results of a randomized controlled trial about the benefits of public speaking training for kids:




Complete our Inquiry form HERE and provide as much information as you can about your child or children.  Let us know if you're interested in Private Coaching (the fastest way to achieve results) or would like your child to join our Captivating Speakers Gym for Kids & Teens. We will be hosting Parent's Information Sessions to share more. Please let us know if you'd be interested in attending.



Enroll your child into Captivating Speakers Gym, a speaking club for kids aged from 8 to 12. We know it's not enough for kids to learn the skills, they must practice them in order to become great communicators and leaders. This is why we created a program for Kids and Teens. Speakers Gym runs along the same principals as our adult gym which has produced many top award-winning speakers and professionals. The gym allows kids to present speeches, learn to speak off-the-cuff and take part in Quick Wits (based on Comedy Improv but geared towards speaking) and Storytelling exercises. These activities help kids grow in confidence and begin to present like professionals. Our students have been accepted into their dream high schools as a direct result of our training. One of our students longed to get into Harvard Westlake and, after going through our training and some private coaching, she was accepted. Her parents were told she was accepted on the strength of her communication skills at the interview. She was later accepted into Oxford University. Bottom line, these skills provide your child or children a great advantage in life. Why would you not give them the opportunity? To apply for membership, please click on the link below.


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