To qualify as a Club Captivate Bronze member, you must complete the application form, submit your resume/bio (and a 30-second mini-bio) and a good quality headshot, and pay the club registration fees and dues. You must also submit a recorded introductory speech. The video should show your whole body. To remain a bronze member, you must be current and up-to-date with your club dues. You must commit to attending meetings (specifically training sessions) and to arriving on time for meetings. If for some reason you cannot attend a meeting or event, you must provide advance warning. A bronze member is expected to actively promote the club and invite guests. As a member, you will learn how to sign up new members and will receive a commission and other incentives. A bronze member must also commit to completing assignments, being an active part of the club and to upholding club standards. You will only derive full benefit if you are committed, active and involved. Club Captivate promotes the highest quality standards.


To become a silver member, you must have completed at least one 6-month term and have completed the Captivating Speakers RRP (8-hour foundation training).  You must be a member in good standing and your dues must be current and up-to-date. To graduate to a silver member, you will need to have presented at least ten (10) speeches, either at our club at Showcase Events, within your own Captivating tribe, or for other groups*. You will also have to present a qualifying speech to be awarded silver. To remain a silver member you will need to sign up at least 2 new members for each 6-month period and attend every meeting for one term.
*If you present a speech outside of the club, get a club member to witness and sign off that you've presented a speech. We recommend that you create a spreadsheet with your speech dates, titles, and audiences. A Club Captivate member must make every effort to record every speech (create a YouTube channel for this purpose) and must collect names and email addresses for every member of their audiences. This is how members will grow their following. 


To be awarded a gold membership, you will have completed Captivating Speakers RRP training, Captivating CORE (3-day Bootcamp) and be a member in good standing for at least two terms. You must also have achieved your Captivating Speakers accreditation and Coaching credentials. You will have presented a further ten speeches (recorded) and you will run one (1) training. To remain a gold member, you must attend every meeting for two terms and contribute to Captivating/ Club Captivate in some way, either as a mentor, trainer, a coach or in some other capacity. You must be willing to run a Club Captivate training session when called upon. You must also assist in promoting the club on social media and introduce and sign up new members. A gold member must arrive early for club meetings and leave when all guests have left. You are being groomed for leadership within the club and must act accordingly.


Platinum membership is by invitation only. This membership is only awarded to elite speakers of the club. As a platinum member, you have proven you have integrity and exemplify the Captivating Speakers brand. You have completed RRP training, all specialist courses, Captivating CORE, and have been awarded your Captivating Speakers accreditation and Coaching credentials. You will have completed at least 20-hours in the field, assisting or presenting training. As a platinum, you will contribute your time as a leader of the club and attend monthly board meetings and participate in the management of the club. You are a paid speaker (i.e. is at a professional level) or you're a paid Captivating trainer. Platinum members are required to attend every meeting (unless excused for good reason) and promote the club on social media and within the club, sign up and mentor new members and set a good example. Platinum members may also be featured in and/or create promo videos for Captivating and may be used in our Educational Videos and be paid for doing so. Platinum members are featured on our website and will feature in our 'Speakers-for-hire' gallery. They will be paid as a Captivating trainer and/or Coach and will have automatic membership to C.A.S.A (Captivating Accredited Speakers Association). A platinum member may also start their own Club Captivate group and profit. Platinum members must attend a Board Meeting once per month and actively contribute to running the club.

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