To join you pay a $100 enrolment fee and $97 per month (or $579 up-front for six months) and you may attend as many sessions as you wish. You will also have access to our Members Only Online arena and will receive special membership discounts on coaching and on our training programs.


When you join Captivating Speakers Gym, you are automatically listed as a BRONZE member.  You may advance through the ranks to silver, gold or even platinum member by completing training and presenting qualifying speeches.












See how you can level up HERE.



If you sign up to pay monthly, you are committed to a 6-month term. If you elect to leave before the six months are up, you will still have to pay for the full 6 months.


When you join Captivating Speakers Gym you commit to six months of practice.  See this as a gym for speakers. This is where you will get an opportunity to mix and mingle with other speakers, get ideas and practice your own speaking. 



2 x  Club Meetings per month, on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 7 to 9:30 pm

1 Creative Writing Circle (2nd Wednesday of every month from 7 to 9 pm)

Membership of Captivating Connections (Networking events and networking training)

Discounts on all Captivating Training programs and workshops (Get up to 50% off standard rates)

Special rates on private coaching from an award-winning team of coaches.

Social events that build connections and friendships 


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