We encourage you to attend one of our events, meet our members and find out a little more about this club and what it can do for you. If you'd like to book, please text 818-732-0632, email or complete the BOOKING form HERE. The events are all by INVITE ONLY and subject to available seating.  If you book and are confirmed, PLEASE SHOW UP! We wish to attract people with integrity and part of having integrity is keeping your commitments.  Remember that when you book we hold a seat for you. If you don't arrive, we have an empty seat and someone else is denied an opportunity to attend. 



We currently meet on the first and third Tuesday of every month for Speaker's Gym sessions.  This is an opportunity to practice your speaking skills and be coached by a team of professional coaches. Enjoy improv warmup activities, present a prepared speech or take part in Quick Wits, a segment that prepares you to think on your feet and become more eloquent.



Creative Minds is focused on writing, developing creative content, and crafting stories. We host this evening on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and it's open to guests, including members of Meetup. To attend, there's a nominal fee of $5 that we use to cover refreshments and toiletries etc. This charge is payable whether you enjoy the snacks and refreshments or not.



Showcase events are fun-filled social events with Improv activities, entertainment and a selection of speakers who are coached by professional coaches. Audience participation is encouraged but we will never make you speak if you do not feel comfortable. We offer warm encouragement and there's a lot of camaraderie. We guarantee you will feel right at home.  We run a Showcase once a quarter at a hotel location, usually either the Marriot or Hilton Hotel.





Captivating Speakers Gym is the most exciting and effective public speaking club in Los Angeles. We're a little different than other speaking clubs such as Toastmasters. If you join us you'll notice we are less formal and definitely more avant-garde.


Our meetings are fun-filled experiences with a focus on helping our members reach their greatest potential by developing oratory excellence.


If you'd like to join a team of winners, join CLUB CAPTIVATE and learn to speak like a professional speaker. 

Founded and lead by Chanti Niven, an award-winning public speaking champion and executive coach to high-performance business leaders, Speakers Gym has grown from its inception in 2012 and now boasts a team of award-winning speakers, coaches and dedicated members across the globe who stay in touch like a close-knit family. 


Captivating Speakers Gym is part of Captivating Speakers LLC


Captivating Speakers (verbal and non-verbal communication training)

Captivating Educators (student engagement for teachers/educators)

Captivating Productions (educational videos)

Captivating Comedy Improv (train your brain and develop your wits)

Captivating CREATIVE MINDS Writing Circles


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