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Warren Buffet, the legendary billionaire, business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, told a class of students at Columbia University: "Right now, I'd pay $100,000 for 10% of the future earnings of any of you. I would raise my bid by 50% if you were great communicators.” *


Investing in your communication and public speaking skills teaches you the "Secret Behind the Secret" that every successful person knows, yet few ever talk about.



1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm

2nd Tuesday is Creative Minds (Focus on storytelling)

2nd & 4th Friday mornings from 9 am to 10:30 am

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Captivating Training Room: 20600 Ventura Boulevard, Unit 1217, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Speakers Gym members get discounts of up to 50% on all our training and coaching services.

Captivating Speakers Gym, founded by executive coach Chanti Niven, is a public speaking club in Los Angeles, open to all those who wish to improve their communication, presentation and leadership skills.  Sometimes described as "The Equinox of Public Speaking," we take a modern, cutting-edge approach to public speaking and conversational skills training based on 30+ years of research into neuroscience, social and behavioral psychology. Our meetings are not formal Toastmasters -style sessions. Instead, we provide hands-on training and coaching with a focus on storytelling and developing humor and wit, in fun-filled "gym" sessions.


As a member, you will receive training and LIVE coaching from Chanti Niven and her professional team of Certified Captivating Coaches to develop your talks and pitches.  We achieve and guarantee results 100% of the time, and are dedicated to your personal and professional success. There is simply no profession that does not benefit from this kind of training. If you wish to succeed in your personal and professional life, Become confident. Become a Captivating Speaker. 


Become The Person You Were Meant To Be™

Text the word "Captivate" to 33-222 to join us for a free session.

"This is how you overcome your fears, develop confidence and become a captivating speaker."
— David A (Speakers Gym member since 2012)


Anyone can get up and speak but few know what it takes to captivate an audience. To be CAPTIVATING you must know how to speak in such a way that you are able to grab and hold other's attention and, more importantly, in such a way that you are memorable. In this fascinating book, Chanti Niven shares her journey from under-performer at school to multiple award-winning public speaking champion and an entrepreneur who has founded 8 multi-million dollar businesses. She puts it all down to her "people skills" which includes being able to communicate effectively. Her passion is to help others learn this skill and improve their lives on every level, professionally and socially. 


Our latest success story is Tom Costello who is currently competing in the World Championships of Public Speaking. He has won at Club, Area and at the Division contests and will be competing in the District contest at the District 52 Annual Spring Conference. He is being coached by Chanti Niven, our Club Founder and one of the world's leading public speaking coaches. Chanti has a successful track record training champions. 

Tom Costello's speech, "The Fight Within" is a moving account of childhood abuse that carries an inspiring message with a profound and moving lesson. He is expertly able to rouse the audience into laughter and tears and they come away with three very important takeaways.



Prior to Tom Costello, Chanti Niven coached two World Championships finalists: Alain Washnevsky who competed in Kuala Lumpur in 2014 and Rick Segall who competed in the 2017 contest in Vancouver Canada. Both Alain and Rick are now professional speakers, trainer, and coaches. Rick Segall remains at Club Captivate where he is a Master Coach and Trainer.  He also presents 'The Captivating Actor', which is his own brand run under the Captivating banner. 


Alain has gone on to act in an Oscar-winning short film and has featured in top-rated television shows including "Homeland" and "Scandal". He is now in great demand as a speaker and teaches audiences about "Finding Your V-Spot" How to find your voice and share your message with the world. Alain has also shared the Captivating system at schools where he has inspired hundreds of students.

In December 2018, Club Captivate hosted our annual Motivational Speech Contest. Our contestants had to present a speech that demonstrated their brand (or CORE message). Eight contestants vied for the top spot and all of the contestants did a fantastic job. The competition was fierce and our three judges (Linda Cota-Kumagai, Djoser Harrison, and William Hung of American Idols fame, had a tough time choosing a winner. Unfortunately, one of our contestants was disqualified because he went over time. After a 10-minute recess and deliberation, the judges, moderated by our club mentor, Chanti Niven came to a unanimous decision and our Motivational Speech Champion for the year was announced.


Congratulations Kelley Van Valkenburg for winning the 2018 title of Captivating Motivational Speech Champion.


Our next speech contest will be held in December 2019 Speeches presented throughout 2019 will qualify members for acceptance into the finals.



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